Dance Tutorials

Hot Dance Tutorial # 1: The African Seated Dance Position

Would you like to get the maximum amount of movement from your hips?

Listen, you need to bend your knees, and learn how to dance, in what I love to call:

"The African Seated Dance Position"

I call it this because, basically, if you don't bend your knees when you dance, you are not going to get very much movement from your hips...and all of the hot dances right now, including Zumba, Ballroom dance styles, and hot Club music...

The dance movements don't come from your feet...as many people commonly think...the dance movements actually COME from YOUR HIPS!

So bend your knees, and learn exactly how to dance from this seated position...and you will understand the very first step in being able to literally "Play The Music" with your body!

Now here are some MAJOR PERKS from learning how to dance in the African Seated Dance Position:

A. You are going to get the maximum movement from your hips...and be in the perfect position to freely shake your booty when you dance! 🙂

B. The African seated dance position is much like doing SQUATS the whole time you are dancing, and you may have heard how amazing SQUATS are for burning fat and building muscle in your body...

Hot Dance Tutorial # 1: The African Seated Dance Position

Hot Dance Tutorial #2: How to Swing Your Hips

Now once you are in the African Seated Dance Position, the next key move is to learn how to squeeze your hip UP on one side.

See, in order to build a new connection with muscle groups (like your hips and your booty) that you don't have a "conversation" with on a regular basis... it takes two steps:

A. Make your mind like the beach in the early morning, and try not to THINK...

B. Learn this move through PLAYing in your body, having fun, and just going for it! 🙂 

So try bending your knees, and squeezing your hip UP on the side, and then bending your knees again, and squeezing the opther hip up...

Now you are going to get nice, bold, sexy swinging hips that are ready to play the BASS with their movement...

Hot Dance Tutorial #2: How to Swing Your Hips

Hot Dance Tutorial #3: How to "Travel" When You Dance 

Now dancing is a full body, mind and spirit kind of experience...and it's really fun to express yourself and be able to Move Around when you dance...

A lot of people get stuck dancing in ONE place, because they don't understand one key Hip Dance Technique to be able to add lightness, movement, and flow to your dancing.

Now in this Samba Booty Dance Class Video, I am going to teach you how to pick up your heel and swivel your foot, to add an effortless and sexy weight-transfer when you dance with your hips...

So that you will be able to "Travel" when you Dance!

Now this is not as hard as it sounds! 🙂

And when you are able to easily transfer your weight as you swing your hip, you are going to be able to MOVE to the music with less effort, more grace, and an incredible level of FREEDOM!

What is a Paradiddle?

Ok, so in this Samba Booty Dance Technique Class, we are going to be learning how to play a "paradiddle" with our Hips!

Paradiddles are a great way to add variety, fun, and play to the basic side-to-side hip movement.

The term "paradiddle" actually comes from Drumming, and it means playing two single strokes followed by a double stroke, i.e., RLRR and then followed by LRLL. Then repeat.

And when you dance Paradiddles with your hips, it makes your hips look like they are weaving a magical spell!

So try out this new 10 minute dance technique class...and have fun!

Stand up and try it out, and let me know what you think!

Hot Dance Tutorial #3: How to "Travel" When You Dance 

Hot Dance Tutorial #4: How to Shake Your Booty! 

Hi there beautiful dancers!

I hope you enjoy this Booty Shakin' Dance Tutorial!

In this Dance Tutorial we are going to explore:

  • Exactly how to Shake Your Booty when you Dance!
  • How to Connect with your Core muscles, inner thighs...and your Booty!

This is probably one of the most frequent questions I get! Now shaking your booty is super fun...and you will be able to get it!

dust off the cobwebs covering up your mojoIt just takes practicing and learning it through PLAY!

You can turn on some dance music that you love, and practice shaking your booty in your living room...you can make waiting in line at the grocery store more fun with a little practice...and some people even lock themselves in the bathroom to feel totally free! 🙂

I hope you enjoy this video...and please  let me know what you think! Ask me a question or share a comment below! And enjoy!

Hot Dance Tutorial #4: How to Shake Your Booty!

Hot Dance Tutorial #5: How to Get the "Samba Step" 

Many people feel very frustrated trying to learn how to dance Samba...because most people think about trying to get the "steps" right...

Dancing Samba is all about learning how to dance with your Hips!

The key is to learn how to play the basic rhythm with your Hips.

Start by Sitting in your Hip and bouncing there, with all of the weight in your heel and going down the back of your leg.

Try Sitting in Your Hip with your other Leg too.

Then try bouncing from one leg to the other, all the time feeling like your weight is going into the back of your heel. Great!

Now once you get this basic rhythm...then it's time to try pointing your Hip diagonally back...And try the hip bouncing movement again, this time with a Diagonal Hip.

Learning Samba through Play

Once you get the basic rhythm and movement...then it's all about a making a smooth connection with your Hips as you bounce from one foot to the other...so that it's not seperate bounces on each foot, but a smooth and connected transfer from one foot to the other.

That's why in the main "How to Samba" video, I ask everyone to practice doing "little booty circles"...to create the feeling of connecting each foot bounce, so that your Hips are constantly moving and are literally playing the music as you dance!

I know that it takes practice...and it takes learning it through play...and having fun!

And you can practive your new Samba dance skills with some hot Brazilian music! I love listening to the free online radio station www.Pandora.com.

Try making the stations "Sambada," "Timbalada," and "Marisa Monte" and enjoy practicing Samba to all 3 different styles of Samba here!

Hot Dance Tutorial #5: How to Get the "Samba Step"