Cardio that you Enjoy

Ok-so first, before I share about my "How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days!" and "Intro to Samba" dance videos...

I wanted to share how Pleasurable Cardio--or Cardio that you Enjoy--fit's into the Get Lifted weekly workout recommendations.

I do recommend Lifting Weights 3x a week...going for a Daily Brisk Walk. Plus focusing on Eating for Energy (anti-inflammatory food).

Those are the foundational parts of the Get Lifted program! ^^^

If you're someone who has really good energy and is wanting MORE--or you're someone who plays sports or loves to DANCE--then that's when I recommend adding in an extra day of Cardio that You Enjoy!

A good strategy is to do a Pleasurable Cardio session on a different day than you Strength Train.

If you're very fit, you can experiment with Lifting Weights on the same day as playing sports, taking a dance class, doing my dance videos; however, you want to be sure to Strength Train FIRST, then Cardio second...for safety. 

It's good to experiment with and see what works best for YOU--so that you can stay in a FLOW with Lifting Weights and getting in your Daily Brisk Walks, too.

Ok, fabulous! Let me know if you have any questions about this in the FORUM...and here's a bit more about my Dance Videos, below! 🙂

About my Dance Videos

More About the Dance Videos

How to Shake Your Booty in 30 DaysHow to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days dance video: This is my foundational dance video that teaches you exactly how to dance with your hips and freely shake your booty!

To get a fat-burning workout (when combined with eating Feel Good Foods), you can do just 1 section…or go for the entire video! These movements are based on the Afro-Brazilian tradition of dance

And they're modeled after the hip and chest warm-up exercises that are done in the beginning of traditional Afro-Brazilian dance classes---the philosophy is that learning how to extend, release and essentially connect with these movements...allows you to apply them and really "get" hot hip & booty shakin' moves more intuitively.

This Macro and Micro teaching method I created, has been tested and loved in my live dance classes...and people have been enjoying them online the past several years and really getting a lot from them.

I hope you enjoy dancing with me, Cida Viera (Samba dance teacher), and Alisa Hites (Samba dancer and cartoon/mural artist)...

You can apply your new hip & booty shakin' skils to so many styles of Dance! Samba, salsa, club, bellydance, pole dancing, burlesque, merenge, bachata, hip hop, line dancing...

Intro to Samba dance videoIntro to Samba dance video: Now I'm going to teach you how to apply your new hip & booty shaking skills to one of the most sensual and fun dance styles on the plant…the dance of Brazilian Samba!

Samba is an awesome community dance experience…it's danced by women and men…and the music is uplifting and energizing!

Most people try to learn Samba as a complicated foot dance…instead, I'm going to teach you how to "play the music" with your Hips..and fully dance with your Arms!

The style of Samba that I am teaching here comes from my first 14 years of dance training in Brazilian dance from the North of Brazil. So the hip and feet movements have a very Northern flavor to them...I've since been studying & performing a Southern Rio-style Samba that has more intricate footwork and is danced much faster (if you can believe that :))... 

If I could re-record this video again, I how I teach Samba has changed over the years. Still, it's a very fun hip-based dance video with fabulous, original music. I hope you enjoy it.

Xtra Resources

Xtra Dance Tutorials*: These videos answer Dance Questions people have asked me & some fun extra Dance Videos are here for you too: 

  • How to Get the Basic Hip Movement (the first hip movement in "How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days")
  • How to freely Shake Your Booty (this takes play and practice--and you CAN do it!!)
  • Samba Basic Step...slowly broken down
  • Interval Cardio Dance Videos (Rockin Hips, Sexy Arms, 6/8)

*These videos will be available in the membership site again soon! 🙂


Have fun with these videos!!! And let me know how it's going 🙂

And please ask me any questions you have in the FORUM...And Let's Dance!