Get Lifted APP Resources & Tools

Welcome to the Get Lifted APP studio! I hope you enjoy these Resource Guides & videos...please ask any questions you have & share an update in our Community Forum, too.

Resources & Tools:

Quick Start Guide: Part 1

Welcome to Get Lifted! Here's part 1 of the Quick Start Guide:

How to Use the APP

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Get Hot RESULTS, Quick Start Guide Part 2

Part 2 of the Quick Start Guide: how to get HOT RESULTS with these workouts

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Burn Fat Daily, Quick Start Guide Part 3

Part 3 of the Quick Start Guide: how to Burn Fat with daily brisk walking, woot

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Home Workout Guide

Recommended workout move substitutions...for working out at HOME.

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Smokin' Hot Booty Secrets & Dance Videos

Get your sexy Interval Cardio ON with my Dance Videos...and Care for your Body & Booty with my these tools.

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Eating for Energy Guide

How to focus on Eating an Anti-Inflammatory, energizing feel GOOD!

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Ask me any questions you have...and share some inspiration & a woohoo, too!