Smokin' Hot Booty Secrets

Here are my most recommended ways to care for your Body & Booty with the Get Lifted Fitness program...please ask any questions you have & share an update in our Community Forum, too.

Resources & Tools:

123 Booty WarmUp

How to WarmUp (before you lift weights or brisk walk) with a 3 Glute Activation moves.

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Movement Breaks

Movement Breaks are important for hot results & feeling my favorite Movement Break.

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Somatics: Posture Reset Excercises

Fabulous "movement meditation" to de-stress at develop excellent FORM and smokin' hot Posture.

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Dance Videos

How to add in Cardio that you enjoy--plus my full-length dance videos: "How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days" and "Intro to Samba."

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