Take Action:

Movement Break!

Hey--wonderful job going through the theme of this Balancing Act--which is that you want think about eating for your Gut & your Brain health & happiness.

And before we get into the Balancing Act part (how much & how to get the nutrients you need +the things you want to cut out) & *how to get started* quickly and easily...

I recommend taking action...with this fabulous Movement Break!

Move for your Brain...

Boost your Energy & give your Brain a good dose of Oxygen!

All right--so just like it's important to choose foods that boost your Brain energy & health...it's also important to MOVE for your Brain, as well.

As you can imagine--since your brain is at the very top of your body, that blood flow there can become diminished with Lots of Sitting.

Our blood carries nourishing oxygen...and when we get less oxygen to the brain--we feel tired and lethargic. Fortunately, there's an easy remedy that can give you a fabulous dose of oxygen to the membrane...

With this feel-good Nitric Oxide Dump Movement Break I'm going to share about below!

Move for your Gut...

Help the good Gut Bugs dominate

And again, just like it's important to choose foods that strengthen the army of your "good Gut bugs" boost your Brain energy & health...that produce micronutrients for your body & help you break down and digest food (and keep the "bad gut bugs"--the ones that steal micronutrients and build biofilms--in check)...

And research has shown that MOVEment helps positively influence your Gut Flora balance (helping good gut bugs rule), as well.

In fact MOVEment helps get other digestive fluids in your body moving...blood, lymph, bile...all good things when it comes to supporting your digestion (and having good digestion is KEY to having solid energia).

And the fun thing is that you can get some good gut-helping movement with breaking up chunks of Sitting Time...with Movement Breaks (and breathing through your nose)...

Learn more & try it out below! 

Move for increased Energy...

Best types of Movement

Because yes, eating for energy is so important (80%)...and the other key to feeling good, feeling energized (and getting results you love)...is adding in some Metabolic MOVEMENT too (the other 20%).


I recommend getting started with Movement Breaks (see my favorite one below)...and Brisk Walking (see my recommendations in Module 1)

And when you do have solid energia--I highly recommend strength training (lifting weights)...as I'm going to share about your 3 types of "metabolically active" body tissue...your Gut Flora, your Brown Fat cells...and your Muscle cells too.

Strengthening your muscles and getting into a meditative FLOW with lifting weights is extremely powerful...

And at the same time...ALL movement "counts." Sweeping the floor, taking the stairs, parking at the back of the lot & walking the parking lot into the grocery store...all of these things are great ways to get IN some micro-doses of movement.

Movement feeds movement (it should be the 4th law of thermodynamics or something :)).


Sitting on your booty for extended periods on the other hand:

  • restricts blood flow
  • restricts oxygen flow
  • makes you feel MORE lethargic

sitting is the new smoking...original art by Ali Hites

Sitting a bunch, begets MORE sitting. (so poopy).

However--there is a fabulous solution. I def recommend taking "Movement Breaks" where you interrupt patterns of sitting by standing up, stretching, shaking it out...

And getting a little eNOS oxygen dump with this Movement Break is quite fabulous too!

Take Action Challenge: Movement Break

What IS the Nitric Oxide Dump?

Developed by Dr. Zach Bush, the Nitric Oxide Dump is a Movement Break you can do to stimulate the release of nitric oxide, which makes you feel really GOOD!

What is Nitric Oxide exactly…and how does it help you feel good to release it?

Nitric Oxide is a part of the eNOS system. And Dr. Mercola explains:

“Nitric oxide is a molecule found in the inner layer of your blood vessels, the endothelium. It acts as a messenger molecule that transmits signals to cells in various parts of your body such as the cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems. Once released through exercise, nitric oxide works its way into the smooth muscles and causes them to relax.”

You can do this Nitric Oxide Dump movement break up to 3 times a day…and Dr. Mercola recommend waiting 2 hours in-between each session, “because it takes around that time for the nitric oxide in your system to replenish.”


4 Min Movement Break

It takes about 4 minutes to complete…Just use your bodyweight (no equipment)…

Be sure to breathe through your nose…

Start with 10 reps of each move, for 4 sets (will take you 4 minutes total to complete)…And you can increase your reps gradually as you do it over time (working up to 20 reps per move).

The great thing about the Nitric Oxide Dump is that many people with different body types and ages can still rock it…

I personally recommend doing the Squats as *shallow squats* since this is just a Movement Break and not a true workout…plus if you have tender knees, doing shallow squats helps protect them (building muscle around your knees with strength training is the *best* way to be able to squat like a queen)…

I personally think of "shallow squats" more like Standing Leg Presses...and/or Oxygen Leg Pumps! Just make it shallow & intentional and you will indeed be pumping blood & oxygen to your brain.


And I personally recommend modifying the 3rd move to start in a prayer motion at your sternum (breast bone), then reaching up and then spreading your arms apart. This modification makes it look similar to a doing a “standing breaststroke.” If you have shoulder rotation problems, or you’ve just been sitting & working/reading on a computer or phone for a while…this is a great way to modify this move.

One Movement Break takes around four minutes…with 4 sets of 10 repetitions of the following moves:

  • 1. Squats (keep it shallow & more like Standing Leg Presses)
  • 2. Arm raises
  • 3. Standing breast stroke (also called modified, non-jumping jacks)
  • 4. Shoulder presses

Video from me, coming soon!

For now—check out this great demonstration video from the creator, Dr. Zach Bush:

Great job Taking Action!