Quick Tips for SUPPLIES

All Workouts:

I recommend:

--Get Lifted APP Workout Plan on your phone or tablet (or use desktop)

--timer (I use the stopwatch feature in the APP)

--water bottle

--Listening to MUSIC you enjoy

GYM Workouts:

I enjoy working out at the gym for the community and the positive energy...and for the variety of tools & equipment.

I've found that I really enjoy the free weights.

I like gyms like Blink Fitness...that are low cost, super clean...and have a really great stock of free weight & cable weight machines. Yes!

Plus I like the gyms that have a welcoming & let's focus & get to work kind of vibe...and I like the gyms that have cool "respect" rules in place...

Plus it's fun to just go and focus on using your body in a place designed for it 🙂

You need:

1. a gym membership

--with access to free weights and cable machines


I also recommend having:

--a lock for your gym locker if you need one

HOME Workouts

I do recommend getting a pair of 5 pound weights (and having a pair of heavier weights would be ideal, too)...and a set of Resistance Bands with a door attachment, and a stability ball...and don't forget to turn on some music that you enjoy!! 🙂

Home Workout Supplies:

--5 lb dumbbells (and an additional pair of heavier weights would be ideal, too)

--Resistance Bands with Door Attachment (great set here)

--stability ball

--bench OR 3 towels & yoga mat to make a DIY bench on the floor

--place to do Step-Ups (1 step of a staircase...or a low chair or bench pushed against a wall)

For HOME Workouts...be sure to download the Home Workout Guide on this page for extra tips + exercise substitutions

Any questions or suggestions?

And be sure to ask me any questions you have in the FORUM too...

Have fun getting started!