Quick Tips for how to get HOT RESULTS with these workouts:

Focus on TEMPO...using your BREATH...PROGRESSING your weight & reps each week

Which all combined, allows you to get into a consistent FLOW with your workouts—and gives you fantastic results!

Do less, get strong, build shapely muscle, burn fat—before you add volume. You want to go for CONSISTENCY & mastery of movement (and enjoying your workouts)…and my Get Lifted APP can help you do just that! 🙂

--Put more Focus, more Intensity…more zen-like Buddhist intensity…try to beat your numbers

--You can gain strength & size with low sets...when you:

--maximize the TEMPO 

--use the best rep range for each muscle group

--make progress each week, too

--2-3 sets per muscle group, per exercise, 3 times a week & get fantastic results

--And forget about adding in extra sets of curls, pushdowns, lateral raises, small muscle group moves…these can be a waste of time

(Also doing tons of cardio conditioning…Instagram "high variety" pop workouts…super heavy moves like barbell back squats...can all stall your progress too!)

If you're devoted to the goal of looking better & feeling better (and hey, who doesn't want that?!!?)…here's what helps you do just that:

Heavy but controlled, basic lifting…with a focus on progressive overload (never rushing it…don’t force it)

2 hard work sets (not to failure…1 rep shy of failure, be able to finish the reps, finish the sets)

When you’re learning the moves—do sub-max weight...

Then once you know how to the move, start challenging yourself.

You have to have CONSISTENCY & mastery of movement

We’re putting classic strength training master Lee Haney’s philosophy into full, minimal-dose-effectiveness here with these workouts…and that philosophy is:

Lee Haney: “stimulate, don’t annihilate”


Get into a FLOW with doing these workouts…have fun moving & using your BOOTY…get into Eating for Energy & be sure to MOVE A LOT (walking/active recovery/movement breaks)…and enjoy the fabulous mind, booty, spirit LIFTED results.

Watch this Quick Start Video ^^^ to get HOT RESULTS with these workouts:

Check out in the video above:

—0:00 To feel Good & get the most from your Workouts you have 3 main goals...

—0:06 Goal #1: Be a Form Expert

—0:17 Goal #2: Follow the TEMPO directions as they’re written

—1:50 Goal #3: Progress your REPS & WEIGHT each week (with these strategies)

—4:18 Why getting into a FLOW with these techniques is KEY to getting results

Bootylicious Strength Training Overview:

Get INTO it (get good *Intensity*)...

Now people want to know...do the Bodyweight Glute exercises in Month 1...and minimal-effective-dose workouts in general...do they "really" work???

Well yes! Because here's the newly proven scientific thing...LESS really IS MORE....In fact, it's not *how much" weight you use...it's *how well* you use it...you get the best Muscle Gains by using the best INTENSITY, not weight heaviness...and that is great news!

Also, recent research at McMasters University that suggest going to (just before) "failure" with lighter weights can be extremely effective!

If the INTENSITY with which you do the Moves...is more important than HOW MUCH WEIGHT you're using...you may be wondering...

Now how can I improve my own "Intensity?"

Here are my Top 8 Tips to improve your "Intensity" and get the best possible RESULTS from your werkouts (which only take 25 - 30 min to do!) :

So how do you get good Intensity?

Read on for my 8 Keys to Booty-focused Strength Training...

The 8 Keys to Bootylicious Strength Training:

1. Really focus on Feeling the Muscle you're working! Like your glutes, your thighs, your hamstrings, your chest...Focus on visualizing/feeling that muscle SQUEEZE & RELEASE...

2. Focus your mind with MUSIC...don't watch TV or read a book...these workouts can be an excellent form of Movement Meditation...reducing cortisol (which too much stress/cortisol can make your body hold onto body fat, no matter how much you exercise)...so turn up the Music!

3. Use the entire Range of Motion...this goes along with having the best form, or posture, when you do the move. You want to use the entire range of motion for your arm or leg or back/booty when you do the move...

So be sure to read the directions to understand the range of motion for the move...and then have fun doing that.

4. And when you do single leg or arm exercises, start the exercise with your "less strong" arm or leg first.  

Then you will see this less strong arm and leg start to catch up! It's awesome, really. 

5. Maximize Tempo...and skip the "no pain, no gain" thing...

It's all about going slow...and fully maximizing the correct Tempo for the movements (the speed you lift the weight up and down)...breathing deeply and enjoying feeling connected to your body and your muscles.

And then if you feel pain, that's actually your body telling you to STOP. And that you need to check your form or posture and most likely take a REST and see a body worker/chiropractor/doctor to get everything checked out.

Don't ever push through pain. Pain is your body telling you something is not right.

6. Eat *Eating for Energy* Foods when you strength train. Ok, so eating whole foods with plenty of protein, veggies, safe carbs and healthy fats is really essential to your success.

You can reduce joint pain and inflammation in your body...and also make it so that your body is able to receive the benefit of your hard werk! 

**Also, if you're not eating enough food (and the right food of course: protein, veggies, safe carbs & healthy fats)...you could lose muscle from exercising too...so Eating for Energy Foods are important**...

Let your desire to move & play in your body..and the feel-fantastic results...inspire you to really go for finding ways to make Eating for Energy Foods work for you!

7. Do the 123 Booty Warm Up...before you workout (super important)

See the WarmUp exercises in the Workout Plan inside the Booty Pump APP.

Warming up & "activating" your glutes...plus your upper body...and getting all of your muscles WARM before you lift, is very important to getting perky booty results...

And feeling good when you move & reducing/preventing injury and soreness...So don't skip your WarmUp, love! 🙂

8. Your Goal is to Learn the FORM first...and then Progress your Intensity...

Ok, so you want to start off with Day 1 with a lighter weight, and just really focus on learning the proper FORM/posture for the movement.

I highly, highly recommend re-reading the Exercise Descriptions in the workout plan, each time before you do the move...to make sure your feet, knees, hips, ribs, shoulders & eyes are in the right place for the moves...

And then the next week, your goal is to get BETTER with your FORM...and also do more REPS with the same weight (not exceeding the target number of reps)...or using slightly more weight...each time you workout the same move.

The big exception to this rule is people who have joint challenges...If you have known joint challenges, then I recommend incrementally reducing your Rest Time inbetween sets, instead of trying to increase your weights. 


Examples of Progressing from Week 1 to Week 2:

So let's say for Week 1, with the Leg Press...you do 35 lbs, and you were able to do all 12 reps for both sets with good form...then week 2, go for doing 14 reps each set with the same amount of weight (35 lbs)...and remember to STOP if your form breaks down...Each time you repeat that workout move (Leg Press, most likely the next week), keep increasing your Reps with that same weight until you reach the target upper limit of 15 - 18 reps with that weight...and then the next week, use a heavier weight (like 40 lbs) & go for 12 reps!

Or say in Week 1, you did 35 lbs on the Leg Press...and you did 12 reps in your 1st set, but you could only do 8 reps in your 2nd set...before your form starting getting wonky...then Week 2...use the same weight (35 lbs)...and see if you can get 2 sets of 12 reps...Good Job!


And ideally...you want to be working & pushing yourself and getting a little sweaty...but really learning the proper FORM has to come first & foremost...so it's ok to go slow in the beginning...as you "get" the moves...don't worry, you'll be able to werk with more intensity as you go...again, it's all about slightly *under-training* when you start...'cause the goal is to feel good, build muscle & burn fat with a "minimum effective dose"...and be inspired to KEEP GOING! yeah 🙂

A few Key Goals:

Let me share a few more important GOALS you want to go for with each workout too...And dive a little more deeply into how to rock the TEMPO of each move & how to progress your weight & reps.

1. Tempo

Make sure you’re using your muscles, not momentum…and move sloooowly on the *lowering* portion of the movement: follow the TEMPO guidelines & silently count the seconds in your mind as you move.

Here’s what the TEMPO numbers mean:

Tempo is the recommendation for how long each phase of a repetition (one complete movement) should last in seconds. There are four parts to every repetition. Here are what the numbers mean, and which part of the repetition they correspond to:

First number: Eccentric portion (when the load is going towards the floor)

Second number: Pause in the stretched position between eccentric and concentric portions

Third number: Concentric portion (when the load is moving away from the floor)

Fourth number: Pause between repetitions

For example, in order to perform a Step Up on a 2010, you would take 2 seconds to lower your weight to the ground from the step, then pause for 0 seconds, then step up for 1 second with your arms extended, and pause for 0 seconds at the top.

Each number represents 1 second...count these seconds in your mind as you move (like "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi")...

And EXHALE with a loud "Chhhh!" on the Concentric--or lifting/contracting--part of the move.

2. Progressing the amount of Weight you use & number of Reps…based on the muscle group

Target specific Rep Ranges for each muscle group:

Ok, so this comes from the practical research from strength training coach Jason Ferruggia—and I have to say I have really enjoyed putting this into practice in my new Get Lifted workouts!

This is key to getting hot results with a low volume of sets...you want to use heavier weights & lower reps for certain muscle groups…and lighter weights & higher reps for other muscle groups.

This helps make your workout efficient AND it allows you to avoid the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)…because some muscle groups feel more sore with doing tons of reps…and they prefer heavier weight & lower, slower reps.

So let me show you how to maximize your Get Lifted workouts with this strategy…

You want to be getting stronger over time…how to increase you weight & reps each time you workout:

For lower reps: 6 reps, stick with that weight until you get to 10 - 12 during a workout…then increase the weight next workout & go back to 6 reps

For higher reps: 12 reps, stick with that weight until you get to 15 - 18 reps during a workout, then increase the weight next workout & drop it back down to 12 reps


If you’re new to lifting weights OR new to a particular strength training move—then across the board, you want to go for a lower weight & do 12 reps…until you are able to really perfect the FORM or posture with the move…then, and only then, do you want to start using these higher/lower rep & weight strategies (see asterisk…do 12+ reps with a lower weight until you feel confident with the FORM for the movement…so KEY to success!!)

Once you master the form, THEN:

Use ideal rep ranges for each muscle group & follow this progression practice.

3. Use the timer to time your Rest between sets

Reps means repetitions—and that’s the number of times that you repeat a move. Sets means groups of repetitions…

So doing 2 sets of 12 reps means that you complete all 12 repetitions of a workout move…then REST for 60 seconds (use the timer in the APP—so, so important!!)…then do the second set of 12 repetitions. Then REST 60 seconds…

Before moving on to the next workout move.

4. RECORD your weights & number of Reps

And then be sure to record the amount of weight & reps you did—and then try to get better with this the next week!

5. Don’t skip any of the strength training workouts

Don’t skip any of the strength training workouts. Do all workouts before moving onto the next week.


Ok, now that you know how to make progress & get results with these workouts…have fun getting started! You can also check out my Home Workout substitution ideas & tips next...

And be sure to ask me any questions you have over email too!


So excited to werk it with you!