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Recommended Resources: Eating for Energy

Carbs are back IN! 🙂

Recommended Resources: Eating for Energy

I have my own Eating for Energy Guide coming soon...for now though, I want to share a few key resources with eating food to:

The importance of Carbs for Good Sleep

I bet you thought I was going to talk about Protein first! Well, Protein is very important! And the key idea of eating real, Whole Foods is the best way to go...

AND, I highly recommend eating Good Carbs for the Energy you eating enough Carbs can help you get great sleep!!

And help support your thyroid & hormonal health...

I found this to be especially true while pregnant & growing a "perfect weight" baby...and still now with breastfeeding while working out & slowly/consistently losing weight. I'll let micro-nutrient nutrition researcher Dr. Chris Masterjohn take it away here, with why eating higher Carb may be amazing for you too:

Question: “I keep waking up in the middle of the night and stay awake for hours. Would low carb make it worse?”

It definitely could. 

Your brain will consume 120 grams of carbohydrate every day, just your brain. There's got to be another 30 grams or so that would be used no matter what obligately by red blood cells, certain cells in the testes, the kidney, and the lens of the eye. Then the rest of your body — if you're eating not a ketogenic diet, the rest of your body is not really trying to burn fat, so it's going to burn through carbohydrate.

Your liver stores about 90 grams of carbohydrate to be able to stabilize your blood sugar between meals, and overnight is the biggest time where it has to do that because overnight is the longest period of time that you go without meals.

If you add that up, you're looking at like 250 grams of carbohydrate a day — and remember we haven't gotten to high-intensity exercise yet...

Gluconeogenesis is "expensive"

So your body uses about 250 grams of carbohydrates to fuel essential body functions...AND, your body can make glucose from Protein, from a process called *gluconeogenesis.*

The thing is--if your body iS dealing with other big fighting inflammation, growing a baby, making breastmilk, really just makes sense to eat the  Carbs outright in the first place.

Another perspective is that Glucose is so important to the body, that it has a way to make it from Protein because it's so needed.

Way  more about all of this soon...but in summary now:

I highly recommend a High Carb, Lower Fat way of eating with Whole Foods.

Recommended Resources

"Get Macro" with this book:
How to Heal Your Metabolism: Learn How the Right Foods, Sleep, the Right Amount of Exercise, and Happiness Can Increase Your Metabolic Rate and Help Heal Your Broken Metabolism

by Kate Deering

Really great book that draws on the Good Carb & Good Fat research of Dr. Ray Peat and other thyroid-health specialists. 

It gives a different presentation of the "Paleo" diet with more of a focus on our world ancestry beginning in tropical climes...

And how to eat higher Good Carb to have great energy, thyroid support & good sleep without wrecking your blood sugar metabolism...

Two caveats to the book however:

—an updated Calcium recommendation...bone broth does NOT contain significant calcium

--you don't need to "lift heavy" to get results 🙂 (let's Booty Pump!!)

"Get Micro" with this Newsletter Series/online course:
Dr. Chris Masterjohn’s “Vitamins and Minerals 101” free course

This free newsletter course by Dr. Chris Masterjohn is just outstanding. You get 30 days of email newsletters, each about an essential Micronutrient. You can also upgrade really cheaply to a paid online course version, which I highly recommend doing...

He discusses how the RDA (recommended daily allowance) for each Micronutrient was established--and his feedback on these studies--and if any other research may invite the RDA to be updated in the near future.

He also shares the Top 5 Tiers of foods that you can eat to GET IN each Micronutrient--plus his supplement suggestions, as well. #invaluable

This is an essential part of Eating for Energy: not only getting in good Macronutrients (Protein, Good Carbs & Good Fats)...also making sure that you have ALL of your Micronutrients happening on the daily too!

Chris Masterjohn, PhD is the leading Micronutrient researcher, analyst and teacher out there right now...

So go get the scoop on Micronutrients like Vitamin A, Choline, Riboflavin (B2), Biotin (B9), Thiamin (B1), Iron, Calcium, and Potassium (and all of them).

Additionally, you can see which Micros work best together.

Plus, I have to say---he's a very good writer and teacher, too. Not boring and pretty easy on the eyes, too (sorry, Tommy). 🙂

This free email course pairs well with Recommended Resource #3 below (the free tracking tool,

You can also cheaply upgrade to the paid version of Dr. CM's free Micronutrients email course--and get all of the emails accessible in an online membership site (like this one), or as a printable PDF. It's pretty inexpensive for this upgrade and I find it super can easily find & look at each Micronutrient (like Calcium) and check out the RDA/his updates for the daily amount you want to go his Top 5 Tiers of Foods...and some recommended supplements/foods too, to get you there.

The THREE caveats I will share with this free course (and super inexpensive upgrade too) that he also lists foods that contain anti-nutrients and higher levels of Phytic Acid in them, in the Top 5 Tier Foods for each Micronutrient. He hasn't finished his new book that is coming soon, as of my publishing--and he's saying he will share more about this in his book...

Plus, Dr. CM also has a genetic polymorphism for it benefits him personally to eat phytate-rich food (like brown rice) that helps bind iron. He shares that he's able to maintain normal iron blood levels without doing phlebotomies in this way. Great for him...but if you're TRYING to get a micronutrients like Iron or's way better to skip the phytate-rich options and stay with the "Safe Carbs" instead!!

He's also super into Omega-3's...Ray Peat is not...


He is really into Iodine...and most functional health coaches & thyroid specialists are currently not recommending to supplement with Iodine.

^^Those are my three caveats to his free & incredibly valuable "Vitamins & Minerals 101" course!

Optimizing your Daily Micros is super important. 

Free Macro- & Micro-Nutrient tracking tool:

What a free website (of course there's an upgraded paid version too)...where you can track your daily food.

I prefer it to something like MyFitnessPal because it doesn't emphasize *calories*--instead it emphasizes Macronutrients & MICRONUTRIENTS.

It has so, so many foods in its you can add your own recipes and serve yourself "servings" of them.

Additionally, you can also update your Daily Target for any Micronutrient--say you want to go for Dr. Chris Masterjohn's recommendation for an update to the RDA for Vitamin D, for example--you can change those values. You can also update your Daily Micro Targets if you're pregnant or breastfeeding...or based on your age...because some Micronutrients like Calcium change based on age and life circumstance, for sure.

I find this tool very easy to use--plus it doesn't make you go crazy thinking about calories. I like combining it with Dr. CM's free "Vitamins and Minerals 101" course because you can see--hey, I'm not getting enough B1 (Thiamin) every day on & then use his free guide to look up, what Thiamin-rich foods can I eat to get the needed RDA??

This is an invaluable tool--you can see how to get ALL of your Macros & Micros dialed on the DAILY with foods you like--you don't have to update and track every day after you spend an initial amount of time figuring it out...which is nice.

It's a great learning tool. And it's free.

Highly, highly recommend creating a fee account & getting started with "getting Macro" with the Kate Deering book and "getting Micro" with the Chris Masterjohn course.

Go for one resource at a time, of course...more soon from me!...and feel fabulous Eating for Energy!

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