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Making Sexy Comfortable Worksheet

A fun Worksheet & ideas to explore:

Making Sexy Comfortable Worksheet

You can download the Worksheet above ^^^ and I also recommend these 2 blog posts...and I'll share a little more about feeling confident with getting a rounder, perkier booty below too!

And I can’t help but throw in one of the *best* reasons to booty strength train...

you get a perky, round booty 🙂

I know that a lot of people think that Beauty can be a really superficial thing, but I also think it’s a source of personal power, self-confidence and strength…and working out for those reasons is not vain at all!

Aaaaaand…it’s really fun to have a perky booty! 🙂

Ok, one area where it’s been challenging to have a perkier booty though is with getting into the tight seating arrangements in restaurants in NYC. Ha!

My husband Tommy and I met a friend at a fancy sushi restaurant, and the only table available was in a tiny corner…and I had to slide my body in-between two tabletops in order to make it to the available seat.

I had to decide between moving the glasses and salt shakers/flower vase on my table…or forewarning the couple next to me that it would be a tight squeeze…I made it in without knocking anything over…ha. Whatever.

It also freaks me out a little to have a perkier, rounder bigger booty too, to be totally honest. Well, there’s no better remedy that’s sure to work for that worry, except dancing and shaking it! That always gets me out of my mind and any worries…and into feeling connected with my body.

“Movement meditation:” 

You can get it with music…with dancing…and with strength training too.

With lots of love & pleasure in the firmly shakin’ booty,
Theresa Stevens
Samba Dancer & Booty Bumpin’ fitness coach


P.S. This is a photo of me and one of my dearest friends Tatiana Junqueira (we dance together & encourage each other to strength train, too!)…

This is us on the beach in January, or rather “June-uary”…when I was visiting friends in northern California.

I had fun rocking out in my little surfer-girl bikini, and even got a hula hoop lesson from my amazing friend Dvaryah…and I wouldn’t have felt this free & confident in my body, without all of the booty movin’ I’ve been doing lately.

And I really wanted to share this last perk…

You can also just do “daily glute activation” exercises in-between times that you’re more consistently werking it (ie take breaks & go on vacation and stuff)…and keep the nice bootylicious muscle you’ve built! There’s a lot to be said for consistently werking it though…and enjoying the process and the results.

xo Theresa Marie

P.P.S. I hope you enjoy the Worksheet above...I wrote it in 2015 and I still think it has some youthful, joyful thoughtfulness to it

To help you enjoy your perky, round booty!

Booty Pump

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