Booty Pump

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide: Booty Pump

Perk Up your Booty...Pump Up your Energy...and get a Sexy, Fit Shape...

Hi there and welcome to the Booty Pump Strength Training Program!

I hope you enjoy all of the fun resources here…and I'm excited to teach you how to move with the Pleasure Center of your body!

I believe that our Pleasure is deeply connected to our Booty and Hips…

And when you set aside the time to have fun with these Bootylicious Strength Training Werkout Sessions...I hope you'll find that they feel really good on your body...they're a great form of "movement meditation"...and I know you will be delighted with the relatively fast, lifted, firm results!

And of course, it's important to combine this movement with "Eating For Energy" Foods &… getting Good Sleep…so that you can burn fat & build sexy muscle...and you'll find that you have more energy after working out than before you started...your mind will feel clear and refreshed…and your spirit will feel open and free!

Don't forget to take your before pictures & hip measurement…and check off your workouts as you go!

Booty Pump Workouts: 

All right, now start making your Fitness Plan with a little simple & sexy Strength Training as the foundation...

The Workout Plans focus on moving & using your BOOTY...rocking the 2 handed kettlebell swing...and building up some foundational full body strength...and building sexy glute muscle.

These workouts take 15 - 20 minutes to do, warmup included… 

And these workouts are an opportunity to get out of Stress when you move...drink some water as you go...turn on some MUSIC you really enjoy...and use my hot FORM tips!

And we're going to get our Booty Pump just need your bodyweight & a pair of light or DIY dumbbells…plus a training or diy Bench…and a Kettlebell (bodyweight & DIY options available until it arrives).

And I know you will LOVE the meditative experience of working out...squeezing & releasing your booty muscles...and feeling sexy & powerful in your body with these exercises.

Muscle Activation

Ok—we’re going to build a strong mind-muscle, mind-booty connection! I know you hear the mantra that you need to “lift heavy” in order to get results—but it's just not all-the-way true!

You absolutely need to have strong muscle contraction & fantastic FORM before you start adding a lot of weight.

 It’s the correct—intended—muscle contraction

 that builds you that trim, sexy muscle…

not the weight on the dumbbell!

When it comes to muscle hypertrophy (getting trim, energetic muscle) science has shown that bodyweight exercises are as effective as weights:

Muscle growth "can occur independent of an external load," research published in Physiology & Behaviour concluded, as long as you perform bodyweight exercises through their full range of motion. And in a study by the University of Valencia, push-ups were found to be as effective as bench presses for building strength.

These  Booty Pump workouts initially look simple...especially since you're using mainly your bodyweight & light weights...however, they really "work" and your body will thank you when we focus on really contracting the intended muscle groups and getting a good pump!

Being A Form Master & building that mind-muscle connection

Ok, so with these Booty Pump workouts you absolutely want to focus on having Perfect Form and getting your intended muscles to squeeze & release.

As a Dancer and Dance Teacher--and a certified personal trainer, Pilates enthusiast, and Ryan Faehnle coached athlete/trainee--I'm happy to share my form & mind-muscle connection expertise here.

Check out the video & written Form Directions each time before you do the move...and if you can, use a mirror to watch and correct yourself for most moves (although not the kettlebell swing).

In the Workout Plan, you'll see which major muscle groups you want to focus feeling while you're doing the move.

Get to know your muscles and feel them SQUEEEEZE and Release.

Get Pumped to Strength Train!

Here's How I think about Strength Training & get excited about it:

I get excited about giving myself *the gift of BodyTime* 

when I get to focus on my muscles, my breath…moving & enjoying my body.

It’s an awesome form of Movement Meditation

Putting my attention IN my hips & glutes…and any other muscles I’m asking to squeeze & release…great way to reduce stress.

I fall in love with certain moves & enjoy how they feel...

like Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts

When I wake up on a training morning—I think about one of the moves from the workout that day and I get exited to do it!!

And I love all of the Bootylicious look good & feel good results 🙂

Cultivate FLOW

Your results are going to come from doing the minimal…to get IN your workouts! You want to finish your workout feeling *more energized * than before you started.

We're building muscle…not trying to exhaust ourselves or “burn calories”…instead, focus on FORM mastery…enJOYing these quick workouts…and getting into a FLOW with them.

More about these Full Body workouts (with a booty focus)

So here's a bit more about how the Booty Pump workouts are structured, so that you get hot results & a lifted spirit from these short, effective sessions:

We're going to use a compact, booty-centric version of the Full Body training split.

 I used to be really into traditional Full Body workouts. They go great with dancing & feel good to do; however, the workouts themselves are quite long! As a new mom, I just couldn't fit those in anymore...

I've been loving a newer-to-me training plan of more compact Full Body sessions (with a Booty Focus, of course) where you'll be working groups of muscles together in one exercise...and you can optionally add in some extra arm definition moves too, if you like.

I was inspired by Jeff Cavaliere of AthleanX's "compact" full-body plan design that emphasizes including each of these movement patterns in a workout...and of course, focusing on the glutes to make it super fun & effective, too!

I've found that still working Full Body--but in a more compact way---has been a great recipe for FLOW and consistency...enJOYing the workouts...and getting booty/mind/spirit results. 

I really like this compact Full Body (with a booty focus) workout split for so many reasons:

—First, beginners & Intermediate lifters can rock it

—You can do short workouts to get into a FLOW with pleasurable exercise you look forward to & enjoy!

—Gives great results & energy

—allows muscle groups to have the rest they need between workouts

--gives the same muscle groups enough weekly stimulus for growth too

--all while generally NOT causing muscle soreness...

--And, this structure works really well for Home workouts with minimal gear too

Muscles usually work in groups. So when you’re deadlifting...your back, hamstrings, glutes and biceps are doing the work together...this accomplishes a lot with one move, instead of doing different moves for each body part.

Plus using high-quality compound moves in a strategic plan also helps your muscle groups work together well in other endeavors too--like dancing, playing sports, carrying around a baby. 🙂

Get these workouts IN...werk it with focus and energy when you do...and enjoy feeling more energized after you workout, than before you started. 

With the Booty Pump workouts, compact Full Body involves:

Day 1: Full Body, booty-focus workout day 

Day 2: Full Body, booty-focus  workout day

Day 3: Kettlebell Swing day!

We’ll talk more about how to Schedule these workout & rest days in just a bit!

And I can't leave out how exciting it is to have a 2-handed Kettlebell Swing workout day as part of this plan!

The kettlebell swing really LIFTS your glutes UP your backside…and it’s very effective for both building muscle AND burning fat (with nutrient-dense foods and getting good sleep).

Best move for tight, firm, lifted glutes:
Kettlebell Swing

Me in 2010, loving the results of the 2-handed kettlebell swing (and Samba)

The KB swing gives you tight, lifted perky glutes —tight and lifted, I tell you! ! It trims down your booty, making it round & righteous...

Just doing pure kettlebell swing workouts (although effective)...can be a little monotonous. So this move is part of a full-body Booty Pump plan instead...all the fun & sculpting effects with more variety.

Plus, we're going to get FUNCTIONAL and bootylicious with the Farmer Carry in these workouts, too. So applicable to real life!! 

I'll share more about the *Booty Focus* of these workouts in the next chapter...and for now (hopefully you're getting super PUMPED)...let's keep going with these full-body Quick Start essential tips...

How to progress these Booty Pump workouts??

Progressing your weight + reps?

Not exactly--We’re rocking Step-Loading instead!

You do want to be getting stronger over time...and trying to progress the amount of weight you use over time as quickly as possible is usual advice.

With Booty Pump,  we’re going to use a technique called Step-Loading instead because it works GREAT for home workouts with limited gear, for beginners mastering their FORM…and for intermediate lifters to de-load and build muscle at the same time.

Usually we’re encouraged to add weight & reps every week or every other week…this is a hard strategy to maintain over time & it can lead to injury and burn-out, too.

Instead, we’re going to take this tip from former Soviet Russia and rock feeling fabulous & getting booty fit with Step-Loading:

The idea behind Step Loading is to stick with the same weight for weeks or even months at a time.

It works perfectly with home workouts because you can get fit with YOUR one kettlebell & a light or DIY pair of dumbbells.

You completely master that weight over a period of months.

Then you move on to a heavier kettlebell & dumbbells.

Step Loading allows you to develop a fundamental skill: developing your mind-muscle connection and getting your nerves to fire to create more tension within a particular movement pattern…

Step loading allows you to start off with a fairly comfortable weight/sets…and then builds up to higher volume work.

A fun, proven & fabulous way to build muscle while not breaking your body down. This will set you up for mastering the moves & really working the intended muscles....and progressing with ease.

And, we’re rocking Concentric Contractions!

Another great strategy that  I have loved with light weights and Home Workouts, is sloooowing way down the Lowering, or eccentric, part of each strength training move.

What we're doing with these Booty Pump workouts though is making sure we are *nailing it* with the focus muscles contracting or squeezing all the way.

You want to use the FULL RANGE OF MOTION for each move...and really feel that intended muscle working/squeezing. 

How many REPS (repetitions)?

--Ideally, start with 10 - 12 repetitions with *perfect form* of an exercise, per set...then REST the recommended amount before your next set or moving onto the next exercise

--Stick with the same weight and add 1 rep each week…so that you end at 14 - 16 reps each set by the last week. However…

Focus on getting PERFECT FORM!! Don’t just try to eek out extra reps each week (stop one rep short of your form changing/breaking down)…try to get better at being a FORM MASTER and squeezing & releasing your muscles.

Plan your Workout Days & Rest Days

When it comes to planning your Rest Days—

Your muscles *absolutely* need Rest to repair and get stronger/more dense! Be sure to rest at least 1 day in-between strength training workouts with this full-body program. 

So you would not do workouts on back-to-back days--include a day of rest in-between each one.

So with the Booty Pump workouts, I recommend this: 

Day 1 A Workout, Day 2 (rest day), Day 3 (rest day), Day 4 B Workout, Day 5 (rest day), Day 6 (rest day)...

Also, if you add in a vigorous cardio Sports Activity, it's good to add in an additional day of rest afterwards, too.

So here's how you could plan the whole week...

with gentle Walking every day

Best time to workout?

After a meal or good snack! 

And in the morning or afternoon, in a well-lit room.


I highly recommend going for a daily walk + being in a consistent FLOW with these extra Cardio needed.

And if you have good energy, it can be great to enjoy going for a dance, bike, row, skate, ski, surf, swim, paddle, climb as a sports activity...

Preferably on a separate day than your weight training. Ideally, you would have a day of rest in-between a sports activity & a strength training workout. With more vigorous cardio (rather than more leisurely) will likely need a day of REST afterwards, too.

Remember that all exercise is a form of stress on your body, so you want to be really intentional with it & focus on strength training to build muscle.

If you do too much vigorous intensity exercise, it can depress your thyroid and make it harder to have good energy & metabolism and lose weight.  Be intentional with how much you can be best to go all in with 2 days of strength training, a sports activity or two and conserve your energy with a "low-intensity" mind, booty, spirit practice of gentle daily walking, too.

Add in some Daily Walking

And--the other part of the Booty Pump Program is...daily, gentle Walking!

Daily Walking has been found through a 13 year long study of 15,000 people (!!) by researchers at the London School of Economics and Political the best form of movement to lose weight and keep it off.

Better than dancing or swimming...better than lifting weights by itself...better than HIIT workouts or running. Yes--daily walking is the ultimate weight-loss form of movement.

The keys are though:

And remember, you want to use your exercise time with a focus on building muscle, not "burning calories" and to help you empty your "life stress bucket" instead of fill it. Daily walking can be a gentle way to release stress, enhance your creativity, and stretch our your muscles, too.

This walking would be considered "low - intensity" and good soul food. Save your energy to go all-in with your strength training workouts or your sport activity too...and keep your walking gentle, daily & my recommendation.

The 8 Keys to Bootylicious Strength Training:

1. Really focus on Feeling the Muscle you're working! Like your glutes, your thighs, your hamstrings, your chest...Focus on visualizing/feeling that muscle SQUEEZE & RELEASE...

See the Workout Plan for the main muscle to feel Squeezing & Releasing for each move.

2. Focus your mind with MUSIC...don't watch TV or read a book...these workouts can be an excellent form of Movement Meditation...reducing cortisol (which too much stress/cortisol can make your body hold onto body fat, no matter how much you exercise) turn up the Music!

3. Use the entire Range of Motion...this goes along with having the best form, or posture, when you do the move. You want to use the entire range of motion for your arm or leg or back/booty when you do the move...

So be sure to read the directions to understand the range of motion for the move...and then have fun doing that.

4. And when you do single leg or arm exercises, start the exercise with your "less strong" arm or leg first.  

Then you will see this less strong arm and leg start to catch up! It's awesome, really. 

5. Maximize Tempo...and skip the "no pain, no gain" thing...

Tempo is the recommendation for how long each phase of a repetition (one complete movement) should last. We're going to go for lifting & releasing with a faster tempo. The absolute key though is...

Make sure you’re using your muscles, not momentum…

You also want to use your BREATH as you move:

Inhale: Try to fully contract/squeeze the intended muscle as you Inhale...then

Exhale: Move at an upbeat pace & with control on the *lowering* portion of the movement.

Enjoy feeling connected to your body and your muscles.

And then if you feel pain, that's actually your body telling you to STOP. And that you need to check your form or posture and most likely take a REST and see a body worker/chiropractor/doctor to get everything checked out.

Don't ever push through pain. Pain is your body telling you something is not right.

6. Eat *Eating for Energy* Foods when you strength train. Ok, so eating whole foods with plenty of protein,…plus enough good carbs & healthy fats is really essential to your success.

You can reduce joint pain and inflammation in your body...and also make it so that your body is able to receive the benefit of your hard work! 

**Also, if you're not eating enough could lose muscle from exercising too**

See my Recommended Resources for Eating for Energy.

Let your desire to move & play in your body..and the feel-fantastic results...inspire you to really go for finding ways to make Eating for Energy Foods work for you!

7. Do the 123 Booty Warm Up...before you workout (super important)

See the WarmUp exercises in the Workout Plan.

Warming up & "activating" your your upper body...and getting all of your muscles WARM before you lift, is very important to getting perky booty results...

And feeling good when you move & reducing/preventing injury and soreness...So don't skip your WarmUp, love! 🙂

8. Your Goal is to Learn the FORM first...and then Progress when you can...

I want to invite you to get into yourself this gift of focusing IN your body...feeling your muscles work....connecting with your BREATH...

And really focus on  learning the proper FORM/posture for each move.

I highly, highly recommend re-reading the Exercise Descriptions in the workout plan, each time before you do the make sure your feet, knees, hips, ribs, shoulders & eyes are in the right place for the moves...

And then the next week, your goal is to get BETTER with your FORM...and if you can, add one more REP with the same weight (not exceeding the target number of reps)...each time you workout the same move. Don't try to seek out an extra rep though--only add that extra rep--if you still can maintain *perfect form.*

When your muscle tires, your overall posture will start to change & other muscle groups will start taking absolutely want to stop ONE REP BEFORE your form starts changing/breaking down.

If you can add a Rep with perfect form the next week--great! If you can't...seriously, not a big deal...werk your best form & stay in a flow with the workouts for pumped results. 

What SUPPLIES do I need?

Home Workouts

See the Home Equipment page for more details! And here's a quick summary below...

A pair of light dumbbells (3 or 5 lbs)....or DIY weights like two 3 pound bags of rice

Also, a pair of Adjustable Dumbbells can be a great investment

training bench OR DIY it with a shoe bench/coffee table + towel (and 3 towels + floor for Incline Chest Press)

15 pound kettlebell (women) or 20 lb (men)…

You can get started with just your bodyweight while you wait for it to arrive. I highly recommend ordering it ASAP.

--a fitness step or fitness box for Step-Ups or DIY it with a low bench/step stool pushed securely against a wall OR the bottom step of a staircase

Gear you Need:

Nice to Have:

Gym Workouts

If you're working out at the gym...then I highly recommend choosing a weight for each dumbbell move where you can complete 10 perfect repetitions with that weight. Try to work in the Hypertrophy Rep Range of 8  - 12 reps...

First though, if you are brand new to lifting--start with light dumbbells and focus on mastering your form. Then work with the above weight recommendation ^^ for a period of at least 6 weeks to get the benefits of Step-Loading.

And See That Working Out & Getting Fit can be *Pleasurable* and not miserable:

And when you put all of these ingredients together...and have fun getting into the spirit of being a "Booty Fit Girl"...

Getting your sweat on & building MUSCLE which allows your body to better burn fat & utilize food...and in itself GIVES you more energy.

By making Strength Training feel-good & be meditative & FUN to get into...with focusing on your glutes, using short & effective workouts that leave you feeling energized & quite perky back there…

And putting time & energy into Eating in a way that gives you the brisk walks and prioritizing good sleep…

Working Out & getting fit can indeed be really PLEASURABLE (and not painful) to do! <3

Have fun with these werkouts!

And please ask questions or share a "woo-hoo" ...

I also want to tell everyone please TO NOT OVER DO IT with these exercises...they are deceptively simple...and they pack a powerful punch! So you really will get results if you are doing them…

Also, you don't need to do the Workouts (sets of body weight & weighted exercises) every day!

I have had so many people buy my dance program and actually do it every day...and that is just over kill...We are not trying to beat down your posterior chain that hard!...

And essentially *pain* is a signal telling your body to STOP! So please don't move through the pain. Pain means stop.

A common question people want to know:
What about feeling sore?

And yes, you will "feel" your muscles after you do these exercises...

This is what a "healthy post-werkout muscle" feels like: Your posterior chain will feel like someone has "zipped you up" in a form-fitting dress in the back...your back and the back of your legs will feel WARM, and you will feel aware of them...

Going for a Beauty Walk...and Foam Rolling are great fixes for this! That and getting good REST (which I hope you find werking out gives you better sleep...that is a "bonus" that I personally LOVE)...and breathing deeply while you workout & making sure you Warm Up helps greatly!...

What you don't want to feel: painful, twinging muscles, sharp pain, anything like that. Pain rather than warmth and awareness...

Then I recommend taking a REST...remember, PAIN is a message for your body to stop.

Common causes of tweaked muscles can be: not warming up (big one)...not using the correct form...holding your breath...having muscle and posture imbalances in your body that you need more one-on-one care for...

I also have 3 exercise substitutions to generally recommend if you have ankle or shoulder mobility challenges...See the FAQ page...

And I always recommend getting checked out by a bodyworker specialist like a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist if you're having any pain or problems...

Ok, whew, with all of that said...I am so excited that you are here and that you are joining me...joining moving your bootay! 

And enjoy your Booty Pump 🙂

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