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Build full body muscle, burn fat & get a smokin' hot booty

Make strength training FUN with focusing on your booty...

Enjoy the relatively quick, lifted, perky results

Get into the Pleasure of Working Out & Make it Effective with Eating for Energy, too

Get a Smokin' Hot Booty...and a Sexy, Fit Squeezing & Releasing the "Pleasure Center" of your Body...

I went on a bumpin' booty mission, and I ended up with a lifted, round booty...pretty quickly...

"I'm excited to share a hot & fun way to get into strength training…

Theresa-Stevens-Booty-Shakin-ExpertTo create a practice & habit of incorporating it into your lifestyle, that is totally do-able, short, effective, feels good on your body…

And you can do it from the comfort & convenience of your own living room.

My name is Theresa Marie, and I'm all about helping people live a Shake Your Booty Fitness lifestyle…increasing your ENERGY and vibrancy in your life, and getting sexy body & booty results you LOVE…while enjoying the PROCESS of moving/working out, too.

Of course…cause you can't get the hot results you love seeing in the mirror (flat belly, shapely arms and legs, round perky booty)…without really getting into enjoying the process too...

And most people leave Weight Training out of their weekly movement plan.

A little consistency goes a long way! 🙂 #bootylicious

But truly adding in some weight training is one of the most power & effective things you can do for your body, mind & spirit…

Building MUSCLE is your key to burning more fat and having the sexy shape you love...and feeling ENERGIZED, centered, strong & capable in your body...

And I'm excited to show you how to make it do-able, effective, FUN & feel-fabulous on your body…

AND, how you can get a perky round booty…and all-over body strengthening & fat-burning RESULTS.

'Cause let's be honest, we do love RESULTS…and we want to see them pretty quickly, right? 🙂 Right!

And that's why I love focusing on the booty…your glute muscles.

Once you learn how to activate them and get them involved…your glutes do respond really quickly to strength training…and you will see your booty muscles begin to lift, round and raise relatively quickly, yes!

And it does take time to build muscle and burn fat…it takes a level of commitment and consistency…and turning "inspiration" and "motivation"…into a weekly PRACTICE that you enjoy, too.

And so getting pretty quick results from werking your BOOTY inspires you to keep going! Plus, it's just fun to focus on lifting & rounding your Booty & feeling bootylicious. 🙂

AND, that's why I love recommending getting busy with the 2 handed kettlebell swing!

And I have to say that the 2 handed kettlebell swing has really come through for me again, recently during a really stressful time in my life (see photo below)...

The 2 handed kettlebell swing:

--is an awesome move to use in Home Workouts…

--Which is great, bc then you don't need to buy tons of gear…

--Plus, the swing has been proven to be accessible to almost any fitness level

--And it gives you HOT lifted BOOTY results!!!…

--Burns fat all-over your body while strengthening your entire body too (it is truly a full body movement)…

--And the workouts don't take long to do, so it's a great way to get hooked on strength training & create a "wedge" in your life, for this kind of fitness!

--It's meditative, and when you see you workout time as your "body time," --it's a powerful way to reduce stress and feel sensual and connected to your body

Just add some music you love, get your swing workout on in 25 minutes or a little less…and feel GOOD in your body, booty, mind & spirit 🙂

Oh, and I know you will LOVE the booty sculpting, fat-burning & muscle-building RESULTS, too.

The Challenges with the Swing though:

low-load & DIY weights can be effective (and fun)

—Feeling super sore when you first get started (and maybe stopping bc of this)…

—wondering if you’re “doing it right”…

—and needing to travel, and not always being able to use a kettlebell.

I highly recommend building up some glute and full-body strength with brisk walking…and bodyweight/dumbbell workouts for 2 weeks…and learning how to feel confident with the form too, so that you can get the most bang for your buck and treat your body nicely too, with these workouts.

So if you’re looking for a way to get into Strength Training…and do it in a way that goes great with having a busy schedule, dancing, playing sports…and you want the flexibility to workout from home (and travel too)…And you would be excited to try some new things with Eating for Energy…

Then I think you will love my Booty Pump Swing Workout Plan (workout log, exercise written descriptions + short form video tips…and my Eating for Energy sprouted slow carb guidelines… :)) Oh, and fun Dance Videos you can use too! 🙂

I hope you will come join us…and have fun with this 12 Week Challenge. This is a fabulous gift to give to yourself.

Theresa Marie, Samba dancer & teacher, certified personal trainer, certified advanced sports nutrition advisor…and booty fitness coach

BootyPumpSwing: Making Working Out Do-Able & Effective

Have fun with my full-body, booty-focused HOME workouts…that both burn fat & build muscle…and give you perky, lifted BOOTY Results pretty quickly…which dies inspire you to KEEP GOING> :). Short & sexy workouts that use minimal gear…get into a Fitness Flow & enjoy the process and the results.

mindsetGet Booty.Mind.Spirit fitness mindset inspiration…move your body, move your booty a little every day. Get my best goal setting & weekly planning tips…and inspiration to werk it.

nutritionOf course what you eat is key to burning fat & building muscle…and I’m excited to share my Slow Carb Meal Plan (with a sprouted twist)…Eating for Energy guidelines…and Flat Belly Food recipes…with Vegetarian & Vegan meal ideas, too.


And besides strength training workouts…I do recommend doing some gentle & effective “interval cardio”…I can show you how to do this with Brisk Beauty Walks.

And you can use my hot hip & booty shakin’ Dance Videos: “How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days!” & “Intro to Samba” full-length dance videos…plus some shorter HOT Afro-Brazilian inspired Interval dance videos, too. Feel sensual & free in your body and release stress. (And yes, I really can teach you how to freely shake your booty! :))

What You Get With Your Program:

  • Workout Plan

    Get an easy-to-use Workout Plan…With clear Workout Logs and full photo & written excercise descriptions. Fun mix of bodyweight/dumbbell and kettlebell workouts…Access them on a desktop or save to your phone. Feel more energized & see your booty start to lift right away…Plus these workouts do feel really good on your body…and you can do them AND dance or do other sports at the same time, too…and they go great with having a busy schedule.

  • Eating for Energy Plan

    Take it up a level with eating food that gives you Energy to do the workouts…so that you feel MORE energized after working out than before you started…with my research-backed & energizing Good Fats food guidelines, recipes, shopping list & meal planning tool. Get your Meal Plan DONE with my *new* “How to Save the World & Get a Flat Belly Too…with Healthy Fats! And Sprouts!” ebook & support tools.

  • Fun Dance Videos!

    Plus get access to my “How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days,” “Intro to Samba” and my new Afro-Brazilian inspired interval dance videos…warmup with a section of these or have fun doing the whole video

  • Quick Start Newsletter Tips

    Get organized for the week with my Quick Start inspiration newsletters…PLUS, tips to get out of Stress…and Booty Mind Spirit inspiration…Take my 12 Week “Get Bootylicious!” Challenge…and let’s ROCK this 🙂

  • Short inspiring Form Videos

    Access short, FUN workout move FORM videos…you can view them in our private membership site (extra inspiration here too & ask me any questions you have)…and get *intrigued* with Weight Training

  • Quick Start Guide

    Get started quickly with this Guide…with the HOME workouts, you just need your bodyweight for the Prep Week, and then a pair of light or DIY dumbbells in Week 2…and then get ready to add in a kettlebell for Week 3 and on…and we’ll rock the swing! Kettlebell shopping guide and DIY Supply Ideas included as well.

Let's Move:

Phase 1 + 2 + 3

Get Into The MINDSET Of Being A Booty Shaker

getting into the MINDSET of being a Booty Shaker...

I think a lot of people think that you have “work hard” to get in shape…and instead, I’ve found that fitness can indeed be really fun & pleasurable (and effective)…when you focus on moving & using your booty! 🙂

And when you use the power of FOOD to do a lot of the "heavy lifting" too.

I also see a lot of friends...that they get inspired & motivated to workout and get fit, get healthier…but that it’s really hard to keep going and sustain that “motivation.” That’s where I think 3 things are really powerful:

First, getting into the mindset of Being A Booty Shaker is really powerful:

Someone who moves your booty, moves your body a little everyday…and incorporates all of the fun & effective parts of fitness (a base of weight training…with a dash of a little sexy, joyful interval cardio…and daily Movement Breaks…

Second, eating FOOD that gives you the Energy to need to workout (and making it work with your lifestyle) yourself the gift of Body Time and releasing stress every day...

Dancing-in-the-Mirror-art-141x300And lastly, to get & stay in that flow, you need a workout plan.

Progression & FORM are KEY

And essentially, you need to be able to PROGRESS your workouts & get stoked about learning optimal Mechanics & to use TEMPO of the that you can build the muscle, burn fat and feel GOOD from the workouts...

It's not about doing random workouts on pinterest or youtube that you see...muscle does take time to build and it's really key to have a proven and fun Workout Plan in place.

Plus, I love recording my workout progress on my plan & checking the workouts off too...there is something very satisfying about that!

INTENSITY makes it fun & gets the Hot Results

And working out at home means that you can turn on some music that you enjoy...and have just GETTING INTO doing the strength training moves...

Putting on a workout outfit that you enjoy...and having fun getting sweaty and rocking out with full body weight training...

Definitely one of the PERKS of working out at HOME. 🙂

Because essentially, INTENSITY has been shown to produce better muscle building results than weight heaviness alone.

So having FUN and feeling comfortable getting into it at HOME, also allows you to get HOT RESULTS.

Take the 12 Week Get Bootylicious Challenge!
Here's what makes this program so do-able, effective & fun:

Get started right away…I’m going to invite you to get started with “building a firm foundation” of ENERGY…by going for Brisk Beauty Walks and taking Movement Breaks to break up chunks of sitting time (great for energy & surprisingly key to getting results)…plus I’ll share my Quick Start tips for how to rock the Good Fats eating plan…with photo & written step-by-step tips to make it do-able & affordable for you…get into the BootyMindSpirit mindset & get the inspiration & energia you need to werk it.

Lift, round & FIRM your booty…and burn fat…withweek of bodyweight and dumbbell home workouts. Learn how to rock the FORM with the kettlebell swing with a progression of Brazilian-style deadlifts…and build foundational posterior chain STRENGTH. The workouts take 25 min to do…they’re super FUN!!…and they’ll get you ready to feel GOOD & get hot results with the SWING! Get PUMPED about this move…Plus keep going with Brisk Walks, Movement Breaks & eating for energy.

And then add in a kettlebell and have fun with simple, fun & effective Swing Workouts. These are full-body strength training workouts that show you how getting into the PLEASURE of moving & using your BOOTY…and make working out easy to stick with…and use the power of werking the largest muscle group in your body to burn fat, build muscle, and feel sensual, grounded & confident. You can swing 2x or 3x a week…and optionally add in a day with my Dance Videos too…OR…

In Phase 2 & 3 of the Workout Plan…add in bodyweight/dumbbell workouts that share how to “Get Squat-tasic” (Phase 2) and “Drop Deadlift Gorgeous” (Phase 3)…super fun workouts. Get step-by-step newsletter inspiration & tips…easily ask any questions over email…And get into a FLOW with working out…Take my 12 week Get Bootylicious Challenge.

Transform Your Body & Booty

in 12 Weeks!

Get started for $47!

And you’re covered by my 60 day
Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to werking it & dancing with you…and seeing your results!

In love, light, and the beauty of the firmly shaking booty,

 Theresa Marie

Samba Dancer

And Your Booty Pump Fitness Coach

(Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Advanced Sports Nutrition Advisor & 15 years of dance study, teaching & performance experience)


P.S. Did I get those smokin’ hot legs…toned arms & flat belly…and sexy confidence…from Bootylicious Strength Training (and dancing)?

Why yes, yes I did!

And when you use my simple & sexy Bubble Booty strength training werkouts…and have fun with my Brazilian-inspired dance videos and feel sexy, free & powerful in your body.

People will ask what you’ve been doing differently lately!

P.P.S. Don’t risk feeling left out from the pleasure of werking your booty…

Or feeling frustrated when you’re not getting the best fatloss & round, lifted booty results from exercising…

And wanting to feel sexy & fully expressive in your body when you move…and ditch any patterns of feeling mired down in stress…and feeling like your libido is smushed…

And who wants to turn back to the “no pain, no gain mentality” of diets…boring/ineffective cardio workouts…flat booty results from way too much time spent in the gym or at dance class…or feeling “stuck in a rut of sitting on your butt”?

When truly it’s all about the Pleasure, beauty! Why risk that happening when my bootylicious strength training & dance program is completely Risk Free?

So go ahead and appreciate yourself for saying YES to honoring your body…saying YES to werking your booty…and weaving playful movement & sexy joy into your life now!

Hear from Satisfied Booty Movers:

  • These videos are not only a great workout, it’s also a HUGE stress reliever and makes you feel sexy! A confident woman is a sexy woman…It really works your glutes, core and thighs…This is super fun and I actually want to teach my younger sisters how to do these moves…anything that gives a woman confidence in this social media crazed world. Have fun shaking that booty!
    Flavia Del Monte Flavia Del Monte Fitness Model and creator of the Curvalicious Program
  • “I had the honor of Theresa Marie teaching Samba at my recent Pleasure Camp, and she was a huge hit! Samba being something that a lot of people would be intimidated by... How do you do all those booty-shaking moves? Well, Theresa breaks it down, simply, easily…so that the whole room was in ecstasy… If you’re looking for a pleasurable workout, a pleasurable fitness, I definitely recommend Theresa Marie and her teaching.”
    Jena La Flamme Jena La Flamme Pleasurable Weight-Loss Expert
  • “I’ve lost about 10 pounds and I feel amazing. I feel great not because of what I lost but because of the energy and self-confidence I’ve gained. I'm now completely addicted to dancing! (and now strength training) I started going to a dance fitness class...and the teacher had us shake our booty and I was shaking it so well she asked me to come up to the front of the class! Without your program I could have never done this, or done this with such joy.”
    Brenna Rodriguez, now super into strength training, too! Brenna Rodriguez, now super into strength training, too!
  • “These hips don’t lie. I feel sexy and much more free in my body…and inspired to take regular dance breaks! It’s amazing what pours out after that, and how much more energized I am overall. Theresa, you’re such a fun teacher and dancer, your energy is totally contagious – I love it!”
    Nathalie Lussier Nathalie Lussier Business Strategist
  • “Doing all the different moves has definitely opened up new muscles in my life… I love it! I fit my clothes a lot better and I just want to show off my body.”
    Thu-Loan Dinh Thu-Loan Dinh
  • Thanks...that felt awesome!...I love how swinging the kettlebell makes me feel.
    Polly Bates Polly Bates

You have really shown me how to feel great with myself, more confident and sexy. I am 32 years old and it is the first time I am experiencing this… And now I love watching myself in front of the mirror and dancing!! Even I am attracting more men… I wish every single girl in the world have your program so they can feel your energy and power as well!

Alicia Lemus

You reminded me that exercise should be sensual, fun, invigorating, and inspiring. I’ve focused on sensuality, beauty, and fun this last month and after months of frustration, pain, and anger directed at my own body it’s like a revelation. So thank you. This has been some of the best money I ever spent on my health…

Danielle H.

I love doing the werkouts…and I LOVE the sexy results!…

"Wow" is all I had to say myself when I saw the final results as we filmed this dance video set and did this photo shoot (photo on the right). Almost all of the photos on this page are from this Booty Pump Swing workout style & plan!

I've since updated the home booty fitness workouts to make them more do-able & fun…and included some great variety to round, bubble & perk up your body…and strengthen your entire body while burning fat!

Of course, what you eat is super important…and I really enjoyed Eating for Energy & Flat Belly Foods (and still going out to eat a bit too)…and I felt pretty excited and joyful too because it felt FUN to learn something new & feel GOOD taking care of myself! Feeling sexy & beautiful in your body NOW is such an important ingredient, too (and moving your booty can really take you there).

The Before picture is from my trip to an art & music festival a few months before adding in these simple & sexy Home Werkouts & taking it up a notch with eating whole foods…and you can see I lost inches off my thighs, hips, belly & booty…and got some nice sculpted leg,  booty & upper body muscle going on too.

And I have to say that the 2 handed kettlebell swing has really come through for me again, during this time in my life:

I’ve had a lot of stress, and I’m really thankful to be able to workout at home.


You can see from my video below too that’s it’s not just some strategically taken before and after photos…I gained quite a bit of strength which you can tell from my posture…burned quite a bit of fat…and LIFTED my booty, yay.

Plus, learning these fitness moves got me BACK into a "Fitness Flow" with working out...and they initially got me excited to learn more & get more into strength training, too.

Overall, I highly recommend this program :)...I designed the workouts to feel really good on your body...and they work for new, beginning & intermediate fitness enthusiasts…And like me, I think you will  LOVE the bubble booty results!

Will your butt look just like mine? Well no…it's going to be a rounder, firmer, more lifted, more bubbled version of your booty

And I'm so honored to have been teaching dance & fitness to people all over the world the past 6 years…and I'm excited to werk it with you! Let's rock it :)"

–Theresa Marie, Samba dancer & Lifestyle Booty Fitness coach

Loving it…

Loving it, very effective, thanks for a great program 🙂 !” –Janis B. from Brooklyn

When do I get Results?

Of course individual results are going to vary…but the following results are quite possible for you:

Right away: Feel more energized & feel your booty perk up & come alive right away…

In 2 Weeks: get noticeable results in 2 weeks…Lift, round & firm your booty…and feel sexy & beautiful shakin’ it.

in 12 Weeks: Keep rocking it…and enjoy completely lifting, firming & rounding your booty…and shaping your back, arms & legs…with my 12 Week Bootylicious Strength Training Challenge.

What supplies do you need for the home workout version?

  • To get started with the Prep Week you only need your bodyweight…
  • and then a pair of light dumbbells for week 2 of the workouts or make your own DIY pair…So that makes it really easy to just get going with it!
  • And then after you’re “in” and inspired…In weeks 3 – 12…add in a Kettlebell…which you can also DIY make for a few bucks…but as you progress in the program, it’s great to use a heavier kettlebell to really get your booty & body sculpting swing on! (DIY version costs a few dollars to make…or buy one from $15 – $40)…very fun to use…

Does the Home version really work?

Yes! In fact, the fat-burning & muscle-building effects of the kettlebell swing have been well documented, with an ACE study…as well as before & after evidence from Tim Ferriss, Tracy Reifkind and people like me! 🙂 (the proof is in the pudding, as they say :))…

And, with the dumbbell/bodyweight workouts…One of the more interesting things I learned in my personal training certification, is a principle of physics: your muscles don’t care what tool is actually being used to provide a “load”….and light dumbbells and DIY weights can provide a relatively effective level of load & you can gradually increase the intensity with these tools as well…

Also, recent research at McMasters University that suggest going to “failure” with lighter weights can be effective! So basically you use the lighter or homemade dumbbells…and you do as many reps as you can do BEFORE your form breaks down…so that may be like 14 reps or 20!
Pretty cool, right?

Plus, I have an awesome PROGRESSION of workouts for you…as that is a true key to getting results and feeling good from your Workouts…my work with international strength training coach Ryan Faehnle and my experience training people over the past few years has helped me understand and refine this.

I hope you enjoy these simple & sexy workouts…that leverage the power of the 2 Handed Kettlebell Swing. This is a fabulous move to get a great Bootylicious shape!

Are you an Intermediate Strength Trainer?

If you have already been strength training consistently…I also have a way for you to adapt the program to your needs as well…And it’s GREAT to workout for a cycle at HOME with this style of low-load weight training.

And getting your full-body, booty-focused strength training on can increase your pleasure, body balance…and lifted, round results.

Also, we’re going to regress your squats and deadlifts, and really get your booty muscles firing…so that you can have fun with the Brazilian-style of doing these hot strength training moves…and enjoy the perky round results…

Is it hard to do the Eating for Energy Foods part? Is it boring, expensive, taste like cardboard or too overwhelming to even do?

Well, what you eat is really important to your success…and I know from experience that it doesn’t have to be hard, boring or painful to eat pretty ding dang healthy. 🙂  (take it from a former frozen-pizza-for-dinner-every-night girl…transformed into eating healthy and not feeling like I’m suffering one bit…and doing it in my own way-too-busy, chaotic kind of style. You’re probably more organized than me! I feel like if I can fit it in…you can figure it out too! :))

It does take some know-how & tricks though…and I put together a hot ebook called “How to Save the World & Get a Flat Belly too…with Healthy Fats! And Sprouts!” Get you Meal Plan DONE with these step-by-step tips.…

And basically I recommend a Good Fats focus…with a Sprouted twist.

Yes, eating foods to improve your digestion, eating a moderate amount of protein…and eating a nice volume of veggies (preferably organic) & Good Fats is a fantastic, pleasurable and very proven way to burn fat and build beautiful muscle…and I’ve got my top tips, recipe book & shopping list to make this do-able…

How fit do I need to be?

You should always consult your doctor before beginning a new workout program or eating plan!

The workouts are designed to feel really good on your body…and they can be adapted to different fitness levels…

If you’ve fallen out of a habit of exercising regularly or eating healthy…I always recommend that people focus on walking every day & eating nutrient-dense foods for 2 weeks…so that the exercise doesn’t feel draining…but instead, energizing.

Is it hard on your knees?

I designed these workouts specifically for myself and a few friends and family members…and I designed it for people who need to go easy on their knees (myself included)!

The dance videos are low impact…you move in what I like to call the “African seated dance position” so your feet stay pretty rooted to the floor. These videos are also a great way to dynamically open up your hips and stretch.

With the bootylicious strength training workouts…you won’t be doing any moves that require a lot of “instability,” or any intense knee stuff….they’re designed to feel good on your body & strengthen your posterior chain.

If you have “bad knees” then no, I can’t whole heartedly recommend this program to you. And please remember to consult a doctor before beginning a new workout program or eating plan.

Does this work for men?

Yes!! Bumpin’ round booties on Men are soooo um, wonderful. 🙂

Lots of guys have joined my program actually…which I am so honored by…and the general consensus is that they have fun & enjoy the dance videos (it’s accessible enough for even people super out of touch with their Hips…with some Brazilian men dance inspiration in the site too)…

And these full-body strength training workouts are great for men, too

Is the music good?

Yes…It’s handmade by some of my favorite musicians…very funky & brazilian-licious…with a hot song from Sambada on there too called “Beja Na Boca”…quite fun to dance to :))

How long do the workouts take to do?

You can do the Home workout, with a warm-up included, in 25 minutes…

With the dance videos, I recommend doing half…or the entire video…to feel energized & beautiful in your body NOW…

What is the difference, exactly, between the 30 days (phase 1) and the complete formula (phase 1 2 3)?

Each phase:

–comes with a 30 Day Challenge, with newsletter inspiration tips each week

–gives you a Workout Plan with a workout chart, written form directions with photos…and short demo videos, too

–gives you access to the Nutrition info, Recipes & Meal Planning Tool…

–gives you access to a chunk of my Dance Videos…I’ll share exactly which ones below

–get access to all of the Body Care Support Tools, like the Stretch Guide, Tips to Release Stress, Quick Start Guide & Booty WarmUp


Phase 1 (Prep + 30 day challenge): “Build A Firm Foundation”…get started with a PREP WEEK of Brisk Beauty Walks & really dialing in your Eating For Energy foods in a way that works for you…

Now you’re ready to get into a FLOW with these workouts…add in a pair of light or DIY dumbbells to rock 2 weeks of bodyweight & dumbbell home workouts…add in a KETTLEBELL in Week 3…let’s build strength, feel confident with the FORM for the swing & lift your booty!

Also includes my “How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days” full-length dance video…plus my “Sassy Hips” interval cardio dance videos (great way to warmup)

Get my Top 10 research-backed Guidelines to build meals + snacks that give you energy + feed your gut! With my research-backed slow carb, gut health + sports guidelines.

Phase 2 (30 day challenge): Get Squat-tastic…this phase we’ll keep going with rocking the Swing & also explore the Brazilian booty bumpin’ style of squats…you get access to new  inspiration newsletters…plus all the recipes, meal planning tool, shopping list…

You get the Phase 2 Workout Plan…with written form & muscle cue directions, plus short demo videos of all of the moves…

Plus my “Intro to Samba” full-length dance video…and “Sexy Arms” interval cardio dance videos

And get my Top 5 Tips to add in Sprouted Slow Carbs..fantastic for burning fat and building gut health…I’ll show you how to make it do-able and fun 🙂

Phase 3 (30 days): Drop Deadlift Gorgeous…Learn how to rock Deadlifts this month, with my Brazilian form tips…and have fun with the way we use the kettlebell this month too. You get new inspiration newsletters…plus recipes, meal planning tool, shopping list…

You get the Phase 3 Workout Plan…and for this month, you can optionally add in a Resistance Band (and use the same kettlebell & dumbbells)

And you get my “6/8 Warrior” interval cardio dance videos

Phase 1 + 2 + 3:  12 Week Transformation
Get 12 weeks of fun & effective home & gym workouts…all of my dance videos…step-by-step Eating for Energy tools & newsletter inspiration too.

This is what it takes to get into a FLOW with workouts. To get in shape in a steady, feel-good & pleasurable way. I’ve found that making a commitment to working out in chunks of time is very effective…and fun & satisfying too. I hope that you will join us! Let’s werk.

Is it fun?

Yes! I believe the bootylicious strength training is fun…it’s an awesome workout…it’s fast to get started…and when you see & feel the initial results…well, that’s very encouraging to keep going! And we’re here to answer your questions too.

Are there DVDs?

You can download the Workout Plan right away…and with the videos, right now you can only get Instant Access videos…there are so many ways to use them though. You can play them on your computer…download them to a mini thumb drive…save them on your phone or your iPad…watch them on AppleTV….very easy to use.

My online dance program has been making people very happy the past 7 years…and people enjoy how easy it is to access & use.

Let’s move! 🙂

And you’re covered by my 60 day
Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee.

So there’s absolutely No Risk.

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Get started for $47

* A portion of each sale goes to fund famine/draught relief through the grassroots programs of International Rescue Committee. Thank you! *

Top and Before & After photos of Theresa Marie (results from these workouts & Eating for Energy plan). Video of Theresa Marie and Polly Pepper performing with her group March Forth Marching Band in NYC. Blink Fitness gym video, love this friendly gym biz. Booty-shakin' dance photo of Theresa Marie in the NYC Greenwich Village Halloween Parade with KostumeKult.

Also the FCC requires that I tell you what you already know...the people who've gotten results with my program actually pushed play and had a go with everything! So you have to actually get started...and try out the order to get results.

Also, the Bootylicious Strength Training workouts are an expanded version of my original "Bumpin' Booty Strength Training" bonus's become more of my focus now because I love it & it fascinates me! We have carefully tested and tried out these workouts...and people who’ve joined my program have been LOVING them (both the process & the results)! More hot before & after bootylicious testimonials coming soon...want to be one of them? Let's werk it & have fun!

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